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What is Goose Down?

Goose down and feather is one of the best filling material found in nature. Down filled products are extremely resistant and insulate very well. In fact, down is the best insulator per gram over any other fill, natural or manmade. So, due to its unique thermal properties, goose down and feather is used extensively in products that need to keep warm, such as winter jackets, sleeping bags and quilts.

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Goose vs Duck Down

Goose feather and duck feather are basically very similar in structure. Both types of feathers are used in the production of the same products and the products filled with either of them have very good softness and heat insulation properties.


However, because geese are usually larger than ducks, goose down clusters can be larger than duck down clusters. The difference between duck and goose down&feather is less important in the use of down with lower filling power, but it would be more appropriate to use goose down when a high filling power required, which means less weight and higher insulation.


Duck down and feather is generally more affordable than goose down and feather. As a result of this price advantage, duck down and feather is used extensively used as an alternative to goose down and feather.

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